HUSTLER KISS Plus – Vape Stick

The makers of HUSTLER® KISS now also offer HUSTLER® KISS Plus; the same portable and disposable device that lasts even longer…with almost triple the capacity of HUSTLER® KISS maintaining the same beautiful and striking design with the iconic HUSTLER® logo. HUSTLER® began as a sexy, daring, yet playful men’s magazine and has evolved into a global lifestyle. HUSTLER® is a lifestyle of freedom and defiance. HUSTLER® KISS Plus is a disposable device providing a new kind of freedom…freedom from maintenance, charging, or refilling. After your HUSTLER® KISS Plus vape stick runs out, all you need to do is buy another HUSTLER® KISS Plus. You can enjoy many wonderful e-juice ICE flavors that include: Lush ICE, Guava ICE and Lychee ICE. HUSTLER® KISS Plus comes pre-filled with 3.2mL E-juice that is enough for 800+ puffs!

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